Thursday, January 22, 2009

AkSharNama- Calligraphy in Indian script

Writing hindi was never really exciting for me but this certainly was...i wish to make calligraphy a strong point in me.

Calligraphic ventures

Well, John Keats happens to be my favourite here it is an ode to him

Another Venetian sport

And god is watching us.....from a distance

These places and pictures always remind me of how there is a god watching all that we do...ironically from a distance- Venice 2008

Identity Crisis!

We graphic designers have a hard time playing with the same 26 alphabets....but somehow those 26 alphabets make us think a lot....this is just AN example :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Little Doodle-doo

Little Doodle doo is a little duckling.
He lives with his mummy and daddy at the edge of a pond.
He is like all other ducklings except for one thing,

Birdies say "CHeese" !

Birds have been one of my favourite subjects...i love capturing those split second moments that define these beautiful creatures. These pictures have been clicked in different parts of the world.

A Roman Holiday

A beautiful picture painting...this was taken from the bus

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Water and the camera!

One hell of a involoved a lot of water, sneezing models and danger to the camera...
YES, it was fun!!!!


Fascinating splashes
look at the water, how it crashes!
a second? nah.... it's a mili-second magic